March Deniisa Fashion

Folding Shopping Bag

Main Features:
  • Eco-Friendly & Cute Designs: Long-lasting, reusable groceries bags reduce waste while looking fabulous, reusable bags grocery with cute patterns can add some fun to your shopping grocery by using reusable grocery bags like these; It is excellent for daily supplies when you need a quick trip or birthday party, grocery store, gardening, camping, overnight sack farmer's market, outdoor adventures, supermarket, etc.
  • Handy & Ready Use: ALWAYS forget totes when you head into the stores? No problem. This produce bag can be folded flat so it's easy to fit nicely in your car console or just toss in a purse, coat pocket, then you will always have one or more shopping bags with you whether you decide to stop by a store on a whim or have an unplanned shopping trip.
  • Large Capacity & Sturdy: The handles of reusable shopping bags are sturdy, so it allows for a hand-holding or over-the-shoulder tote. shopping bags are reinforced with double stitches which makes them hold heavy loads safely.
  • Material Composition: polyester
  • Pattern Type: Geometric
  • Closure Type: No zipper
  • Strap Drop: 20cm

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Aron Crist

Ordered 05.11 came 06.09 Ordering not the first time.

Pasquale Feest

This is my second order and again, it is perfect! Great pattern and strong bag! Thanks

Angus Kiehn


Maynard Cartwright

Saco muito bonito e de boa qualidade. É bastante grande e muito fácil de dobrar.

Ambrose Kohler

Awesome bag. Light and very compact in the folded state, placed in almost any pocket, extremely roomy and comfortable in the expanded form. Very durable! Handles are wide of medium length, you can carry in your hand, you can hang on your shoulder. In the pocket it is convenient to put a check from purchases, so as not to lose. The first bag ordered a purely funny for a pattern with seals, and in the end without it in the store no longer go. By convenience, do not compare with packages that are always torn at the most inappropriate moment. Therefore, I bought more such bags, one for my husband, one as a gift of mother-in-law.

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